5th Grade Spelling Words- Tutor!

An important skill which every child should have is to learn spellings so that they are able to write the English language. As a teacher, you should instill these skills in your students so that they are able to master the phonemic awareness.

Below we have provided you with some useful 5th grade words so that you can teach your students.

Create Phonemic Awareness: It is a sort of an awareness which is when a child can distinguish as well as recognize the sounds in these words. They should also be able to decipher these sorts of sounds into print. If your student is able to do this then they can easily learn to spell and read. One of the best activity which can master the phonemic awareness is by teaching them rhyming.

Make an analogy book: If the students are familiar with the fact that -at is there in the word cat, then your students will be able to spell and read fat, mat, bat, etc. You can ask your students to make their own analogy books on learning a new spelling pattern. When spelling or reading unknown words, the students can make use of these books as a reference.

Pin a Boggle board: You can make a Boggle board every week which will be able to reflect the week’s spelling pattern. It becomes the task of the students to create as many words as they are able to with the help of the letters that are on the board.

Play word sort: For the week you can have a debate on the spelling pattern. You can also provide the students with to cut out words.

Start a word hunt: In order to teach your students Spelling words for 5th graders, you can ask your students to search through some of the commonplace books so that they are able to look for a particular pattern. It will be the task of the student to search their text for this specific arrangement.

Take The Help Of A Plastic Egg: On the left half of a plastic egg, write some letters. Now write the ending of the word on the other half of the egg. As an example, the left half of the egg would be the letters whereas the ending of the word would be on the right half of the egg. n. In this way, the students can turn the egg so that they are able to see the pattern sin, tin, pin, etc.

The students should know as well as to practice some of the common spelling patterns. When they have learned these patterns, they will be able to accomplish spelling success.

Practice Spelling Words

One of the best ways with the help of which the students can evolve their own spelling skills is to have them practice their spelling words. Each week, at least five times each, asks your students to write their spelling words. When your students repeatedly write these words it helps them to enhance learning, build knowledge as well as in developing their spelling skills.