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Mobdro: Finest Video Streaming App

Mobdro for android is one of the finest entertainment apps available today. It has gained the attention of all sorts of people trough out the globe. The app allows users to stream video online and watches content from all over the globe, which includes music videos, TV shows, movies, and much more. Ever since the app was released, it has seen a great hike in its usage rate. Several video enthusiasts feel that it is one of the best video streaming apps of today.

The app is available on different platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android. It can also work on Laptop and PCs using the Bluestack emulator. The Mobdro app picks up video content from all over the globe in order to provide the latest movies, TV shows, music videos and much more. The videos can be found available in HD format.

Streaming Video Content

People who are busy in their schedule can easily watch their favorite movie and TV shows later on with this app. The app is available for free and lets you watch popular video content, without any further hassles. The app streams show from all big channels such as HBO, BBC world, CNN news, ESPN and much more. Advertisements are a part of the free version and if you want them to be removed, you have to purchase the premium version.

The Mobdro app using community is increasing by the day, due to the fact that the app offers such reliable video content and keeps you occupied for hours, without the user even knowing. On this app, you can watch almost all kind of video content published by users on various sites. The app is available free of cost, however, some additional features can only work after purchasing the premium features.

These additional features include:

  • Chromecast Support

Using the Chromecast option, you can allow the content to run on your supported TV. This allows for you to watch your favorite video, show or movie just like it is being broadcasted onto a channel on TV.

  • Offline saving & viewing option

Offline saving and viewing have numerous benefits to itself. By saving a video for later, you can essentially save up time. You will not have to search for the video again and the video will work without buffering, even when you don’t have a net connection.

  • Ad-Free Experience

Advertisement can be extremely irritating, especially when they come in between your viewing experience. They can also be pretty distracting when placed in a user interface. By availing the premium version, you can get rid of these advertisements for a lifetime.

By making use of this entertainment app, you can discover videos streaming by people all around the world. These are of different languages and span across various topics. Moreover, with features such as sharing videos and the ability to categorize using bookmarks offer an easiness of access to the app. Overall, Mobdro is one of the finest video streaming app available for any platform today. The app is available for download on the official website and other apk-hosting websites.

Best Apps To Download Music on Android

Music has been one of the essential things that are a must in mobiles, nowadays. Due to the development of android OS, the perception of mobile has been changed. There used to be days, when people use mobile for communicating and communicating only but due to the advancement of android OS, the purpose of mobile has been extended for watching movies, listening songs, playing various games, and so on. One of the reasons people buy mobiles nowaday is for listening to the music too.

There are numerous apps for downloading the music files. You can find various free apps from the Google Play store which helps you downloading the free and paid music.  Below is the list of the apps which you can use for downloading the music in android devices.


Anghami is one of the best free music download the app for android devices. With this app, you can download your favorite tracks for free. You will have access to millions of music files. There is two version of this app. Anjhami free and Anjhami pro. With the free version, there will be adds displayed and there are some limitations but still you can use it for downloading the songs but with pro version, you can enjoy without any restriction while downloading and also ads are not displayed.

Mp3 music download

Mp3 music download is an advanced mp3 music downloader app for android devices. With this app, you can search for your favorite track, listen to them and download for free. This app also helps you to find the lyrics of the songs and also it recommends you the latest and hottest songs. You can search, view the library and manage the playlists with this app.

Music Download Paradise

Music Download Paradise is a popular music app for searching and downloading the music files from the internet. With this app, you can also find the music from the sound clips from the ringtones and other short clips. Sometimes, it happens to the user that they know the part of the song but don’t know its title, at that time you can play the part of the music and it will recognize and search the tracks from the internet.


Tubidy( is one of the best apps for downloading the music files. You can download best quality audio songs from this app and also you can find remixes, cover songs and live recordings with this app. You can also download the music from independent and unsigned artists.


4shared music app is one of the popular apps. With this app, you can search and download your favorite tracks. You can also manage your own playlists online and listen to them without downloading those songs. With this app, you will have access to more than 5 million songs. You can also find the songs from new and emerging artists. You can simply search your favorite tracks in the search menu and download them. or if you don’t want to download you can listen online and create playlists online so that you can listen to those songs from other devices and listen whenever and wherever you want.

Some of these apps aren’t available on Play Store. Hence, you will need an alternate app store such as Aptoide from where you can download the app. You can get the aptoide installer here.

5th Grade Spelling Words- Tutor!

An important skill which every child should have is to learn spellings so that they are able to write the English language. As a teacher, you should instill these skills in your students so that they are able to master the phonemic awareness.

Below we have provided you with some useful 5th grade words so that you can teach your students.

Create Phonemic Awareness: It is a sort of an awareness which is when a child can distinguish as well as recognize the sounds in these words. They should also be able to decipher these sorts of sounds into print. If your student is able to do this then they can easily learn to spell and read. One of the best activity which can master the phonemic awareness is by teaching them rhyming.

Make an analogy book: If the students are familiar with the fact that -at is there in the word cat, then your students will be able to spell and read fat, mat, bat, etc. You can ask your students to make their own analogy books on learning a new spelling pattern. When spelling or reading unknown words, the students can make use of these books as a reference.

Pin a Boggle board: You can make a Boggle board every week which will be able to reflect the week’s spelling pattern. It becomes the task of the students to create as many words as they are able to with the help of the letters that are on the board.

Play word sort: For the week you can have a debate on the spelling pattern. You can also provide the students with to cut out words.

Start a word hunt: In order to teach your students Spelling words for 5th graders, you can ask your students to search through some of the commonplace books so that they are able to look for a particular pattern. It will be the task of the student to search their text for this specific arrangement.

Take The Help Of A Plastic Egg: On the left half of a plastic egg, write some letters. Now write the ending of the word on the other half of the egg. As an example, the left half of the egg would be the letters whereas the ending of the word would be on the right half of the egg. n. In this way, the students can turn the egg so that they are able to see the pattern sin, tin, pin, etc.

The students should know as well as to practice some of the common spelling patterns. When they have learned these patterns, they will be able to accomplish spelling success.

Practice Spelling Words

One of the best ways with the help of which the students can evolve their own spelling skills is to have them practice their spelling words. Each week, at least five times each, asks your students to write their spelling words. When your students repeatedly write these words it helps them to enhance learning, build knowledge as well as in developing their spelling skills.

Certificates of Completion Templates

How to Create Certificates of Completion of Training Courses?

When individuals complete the training course, it is always wise to certify their achievement and completion. It is always wise to create a common certificate of completion and it can easily be printed on quality printer and presented at the completion of training program or course. The certificates can easily be framed to create a final yet classy touch if trainees have to show their certificates. When it comes to creating certificates using templates, it is better to use text boxes with well-suited fonts and decorative borders. You can choose from two to three font styles in best-suited font sizes for each section from Certificates of Completion Templates.

For certificates, fully justified and centered text layouts work best for certificates. For example in the case of certificate of appreciation, this layout works good too. Script and Italic fonts are also well suited for certificates. One can also obtain quality parchment style paper for certificates from most office equipment and stationary suppliers. When it comes to create training certificate, you can use standard layout. Black print is always usable. You can also design professional certificates in mono along with full color. You can easily enhance the effect with parchment-type, quality paper. Certificates can look even more professional with quality and special paper instead of color printing. From top to bottom, here’s what you should add on certificates of completion.

Logos & Heading and Certificate Border

Certificate Border

Create a smart border or a tool of text box which works quite well. You may easily choose triple or double lined or shaded line borders that can work better and they are usually more classy and professional looking instead of swirly fancy patterns. You need to keep it simple and leave proper space between various sections of text or headings.

Logos of Client Organization or Training Organization

This way, you need to add picture file in the top corner or top center of certificate. Make sure to add good quality images. You may also choose to have black and white graphics that work really well.

Heading “Certificate of Training”

For main heading – “Certificate of Achievement” or “Certificate of Training”, use large font size. Use a professional-looking smart font, italic and script to add the feel of authority and quality.

Activity Title & Description

Activity Title or Training Course

Mention the title or name of the course, such as Basics of Management. Use a beautiful font and prominent size.

Duration of Training Course

Mention the course duration, such as number of days. For instance, use phrase “A Two Day Course” if you want to mention a course for two days.

Sub-heading Training Course

If course is from a large programme, or if you need some brief description to define the course more clearly, add a brief sub heading. For instance, Part 1 of Computer Application Programme.


Mention the venue appropriately. It can be the name of training center, offices, a city or country, whatever you like.

This is to certify…

It is the certification description part which starts with “This certifies that” or “This is to certify that”. Create a dotted line to write the name of the trainee with a suitable font.