Bluestacks Offline Installer (Rooted) for Windows Download!!

Bluestacks is the best Android emulators available for windows, many windows users use this useful software in their day to day life for various purposes. But some people like to play with the Android operating system and discover new features from it.

Android is a highly customizable and easily editable operating system. Stock Android can be edited by having access to the root files of it, this is popularly known as rooting your smartphone. Which can also be done to the blue stacks software.

With rooted blue stacks software, you can do a lot more, like edit the codings of an app or change anything you like in the stock OS. It is like you can change anything, anything literally means like you can change the font, color or even the size of your time in the notification panel.

Bluestacks Download For Windows and Mac

So having a rooted blue stack will enable the developers to develop a better app of their own or edit an existing app for a better version or use it for ethical hacking and the purpose of it goes to a very long list. In this post, I will walk you through how to download and install the Bluestacks Offline Installer (Rooted) for Windows.

Some fantastic advantages of having a rooted bluestacks:

In this version of bluestacks, you will get core access to the root files of the Android operating system.

There is software known as bluestacks tweaker which allows the rooted bluestacks to change the Android ID, GUID, IMEI number, and a lot more.

This version of the software is absolutely free! You can have Bluestacks download from many sites as these are custom designed ones by different developers.

Having rooted version of bluestacks enable the end user to have more and more customization than the regular Android users.

Some versions of rooted bluestacks have full offline access so you don’t need the internet to tweak it more.

How to download and install rooted bluestacks

There are lots of sites which offer rooted bluestacks version, you just have to google it and download it from a site which you can trust. Never download it from a site which is not safe and also the usage of sensitive apps like your bank apps and other social media apps which contain you privacy or private messages are not recommended to be installed in this version of the software as they are highly sensitive to hackers.


Having this version of the blue stack is really helpful and very useful for the people who know how to use and it can be very dangerous if a user who has no idea about it plays with it. It is better to use it offline, and most of the rooted bluestacks don’t have the option to connect to the internet as the rooted versions of androids can be easily attacked and the data in it can be stolen. If you have any queries and something to say feel free to comment below.