How to Create Certificates of Completion of Training Courses?

When individuals complete the training course, it is always wise to certify their achievement and completion. It is always wise to create a common certificate of completion and it can easily be printed on quality printer and presented at the completion of training program or course. The certificates can easily be framed to create a final yet classy touch if trainees have to show their certificates. When it comes to creating certificates using templates, it is better to use text boxes with well-suited fonts and decorative borders. You can choose from two to three font styles in best-suited font sizes for each section from Certificates of Completion Templates.

For certificates, fully justified and centered text layouts work best for certificates. For example in the case of certificate of appreciation, this layout works good too. Script and Italic fonts are also well suited for certificates. One can also obtain quality parchment style paper for certificates from most office equipment and stationary suppliers. When it comes to create training certificate, you can use standard layout. Black print is always usable. You can also design professional certificates in mono along with full color. You can easily enhance the effect with parchment-type, quality paper. Certificates can look even more professional with quality and special paper instead of color printing. From top to bottom, here’s what you should add on certificates of completion.

Logos & Heading and Certificate Border

Certificate Border

Create a smart border or a tool of text box which works quite well. You may easily choose triple or double lined or shaded line borders that can work better and they are usually more classy and professional looking instead of swirly fancy patterns. You need to keep it simple and leave proper space between various sections of text or headings.

Logos of Client Organization or Training Organization

This way, you need to add picture file in the top corner or top center of certificate. Make sure to add good quality images. You may also choose to have black and white graphics that work really well.

Heading “Certificate of Training”

For main heading – “Certificate of Achievement” or “Certificate of Training”, use large font size. Use a professional-looking smart font, italic and script to add the feel of authority and quality.

Activity Title & Description

Activity Title or Training Course

Mention the title or name of the course, such as Basics of Management. Use a beautiful font and prominent size.

Duration of Training Course

Mention the course duration, such as number of days. For instance, use phrase “A Two Day Course” if you want to mention a course for two days.

Sub-heading Training Course

If course is from a large programme, or if you need some brief description to define the course more clearly, add a brief sub heading. For instance, Part 1 of Computer Application Programme.


Mention the venue appropriately. It can be the name of training center, offices, a city or country, whatever you like.

This is to certify…

It is the certification description part which starts with “This certifies that” or “This is to certify that”. Create a dotted line to write the name of the trainee with a suitable font.