How to Install Xcode in Windows 10?

Xcode For Windows is an integrated development environment (IDE) used to develop MAC operating system application and software. As these types of software are used by programmers and developers, I will skip the introduction part and start with the instructions on “How to install Xcode in Windows operating system”.

Unlike the other OS like Linux and Windows MAC OS does not allow the developers to develop software for it from other OS. So, we will run MAC OS on a virtual workstation in Windows or Linux and then download the package of Xcode in it and then develop the application from here. In this post, I will briefly discuss how to setup a virtual workstation of MAC OS on Windows 10 and how to install the Xcode package in it.

Minimum Requirements for your computer to run a virtual workstation: Minimum RAM required: 2GB Processor: Intel Core Duo or i3 minimum. More than 50GB of free Hard disk space.

NOTE: In order to download and install the Xcode package you will need to have an original Apple ID.

How to Install Xcode in Windows 10: Setting Up Virtual Workstation:

Download VMware virtual workstation and install it in your Windows operating system.

Link to download VMware Virtual Workstation:

After successful installation of VMware, now download the image or ISO file of the OS which you need to run in VMware as the virtual workstation, any MAC OS would do fine, in this post we will be using OS X Mavericks.

Link to download OS X Mavericks image file:

Open the downloaded image file using VMware.

Now the step up windows will open and ask you to enter the details off the workstation you are about to set up.

Give any name to your workstation and in type enter “MAC OS X” and click next.

In the next step you have to enter the RAM size required for the workstation to function, here you can enter RAM size more than the actual RAM you have installed in your computer hardware then extra RAM will be taken as swap memory from your hard drive. Enter your desired value and click Next.

As you have downloaded the image file, in the section asking for hard drive file type, select VDI (Virtual Box Disk Image) and click Next.

The next window is File Location and Size, here select hard drive for dynamic allocation and select the size of your hard disk for your virtual OS and the location to save it in your Windows OS, then click Create.

Now, wait for 5-10 mins and your virtual OS will go live.

Installing the Xcode Package:

Open Safari Browser and go to the link given below.

Sign in and search for “Xcode” and download the package.

Now, install the Package and you are good to go.